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Product Description

The Contex HD iFlex is a flat format scanner that can digitise fragile documents, bound in standard A2 format, in very high resolution and in only 4 seconds. By following the instructions, A1 format is also possible.
Image quality
The Contex HD iFlex, with its 48-bit CCD image sensor, can digitise your A2 documents up to an optical resolution of 600x600 dpi, giving exceptional image quality. The Contex Natural light process uses LEDs to create lighting that is as close as possible to natural light, giving a shadow-free image on your digitised documents. The Contex HD iFlex supports various colorimetric spaces, such as Adobe RGB, Device RGB and sRGB, and uses X-Rite ICC technology to generate high precision colorimetric profiles.
The Contex HD iFlex is designed to digitise many types of document: books, drawings, maps and objects of various sizes and shapes. You can digitise a fragile document up to A2 format in complete safety using the broad scanning window, and also digitise objects or materials that are usually more difficult, such as textiles, wood, original works, books, etc.
The Contex HD iFlex, used with the optional NextImage software, also allows you to digitise A1 format documents in two runs, which are combined to generate one output file. The images are automatically merged by the software. The Contex HD iFlex incorporates PageDrop technology that enables you to digitise from your smartphone or tablet, and to send the scanned document to your e-mail or onto the cloud of your choosing (Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft SkyDrive or Box.com).
Using the installed xDTR2 network technology, the Contex HD iFlex can digitise an A2 document, in 200 dpi, in 4 seconds, allowing a transfer rate three times greater than USB 2.0, and making your documents instantly available.
Product advantages

 Versatile and flexible
  • Full scan bed speed : 4 seconds
  • Books, textile, original artwork scanning
  • Scan from smartphone or tablet with PageDrop
  • Cloud connected (Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive, ...)


Speed B&W Full scan bed in 4 seconds
Speed Colour Full scan bed in 4 seconds
Format A2/C - A1/D
Length max of the document / scanning 914 mm
Width max of the document / scanning 610 mm
Thickness max of the document unlimited
Optical resolution 600 dpi
Scanning depth 48 bits
Mode(s) of exit N/A
Format(s) of exit N/A
Connection(s) USB und Gigabit Ethernet mit xDTR2
Interface Twain
Size (L x H x P mm) 128 x 22 x 63
Weight (Kg) 34
Electric characteristics Ready: 18W, sleep mode: <2,5W, scanning: 45W
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