Canon: Did You Know?

Canon: Did You Know?

During a recent survey it was found that three-out-of-four consumers indicated they are more likely to pay attention to posters

and signage that feature fluorescent colours, and more than 90% of consumers said they are far more likely to remember

posters and signage printed in fluorescent colours.


  • 31% believed fluorescent pink is the most iconic colour in art and culture, and the most personally engaging of the

fluorescent colours.

  • Fluorescent colours “pop” in digital and print, which is why 55% said they would like to buy a printer that uses fluorescent


  • 64.5% said it makes them feel happy, and 47% feel excited when they see fluorescent colours.
  • Out of all the private sectors, including technology, retail, fashion, media, sports, travel and hospitality, it was the

entertainment industry that they most associated with fluorescent colours.

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