The New Colortrac I Series - Intelligence, Integrated, Imaging

Colortrac has introduced new I series scanners which feature new unique colour to match industry-leading large format printers. The range can be integrated with an extended range of printer devices and is compatible with new SmartWorks IMAGING technology. IMAGING link allows you to manage your scanner using the IMAGING software portably from a tablet.

SmartLF Range

The 'I' series symbolises 'intelligence' for the tablet functionality, 'integrated' for the additional print drivers and 'imaging' for the new upgraded software. Colortrac has redesigned the SmartLF series with a slick black finish to complement most large format printer brands.

- Available as m, c, and e models – the same speed as the Classic series
- Basic floor stand, PC mount kit and repro stand options
- SmartWorks TOUCH software included as standard
- SmartWorks IMAGING with control app now available
- SmartWorks PRO available to support older models

SmartLF SCi

The SmartLF SCi is a high-volume workhorse. This no-nonsense model has proven to be reliable and efficient for delivering everyday scanning tasks. Produce technical documents with reliable accuracy and vibrant colour. Its applications include engineering, construction, line drawings, maps and plans. This machine is suitable for high-volume and requires low maintenance. The SUREDRIVE soft-roller system applies even pressure on the media to ensure a consistent finish. SingleSensor technology is a unique feature to the SmartLF range the technology involves 50,400 single image sensors in 1 straight line. 






SmartLF SGi

The SmartLF SGi is a high-volume scanner suitable for thick documents and with great colour. The SmartLF SGi is ideal for a wide range of applications including technical, maps, artwork and photos. It provides realistic colour and accepts media up to 15mm thick. DOWNLOAD DATA SHEET

- Benefit from CCD technology without the cost
- Thick-media scanners deliver full high-definition
- Capture colour with realism and accuracy – on originals up to 15mm thick
- High focal length means it can also cope with originals that have raised surface detail
- Instant-on saves time and energy





SmartWorks IMAGING

The newest member of the SmartWorks software family is a fresh implementation of the scan-once workflow trusted and appreciated by SmartWork Pro users. A fully optimised package, SmartWorks IMAGING is clearer and easier to navigate than SmartWorks Pro. Features including revised preset control, more printer drivers and a new multi-page thumbnail pop-out feature improve performance and usability. SmartWorks IMAGING is the perfect productivity partner for SmartLF SCi and SmartLF SGi large format scanners.

• Clear and easy to navigate
• Faster performance with revised preset control
• More printer drivers
• The perfect productivity match for SmartLF SCi and SmartLF SGi large format scanners
• Supporting SmartWorks IMAGING LINK
• Dongle free
• Free 30 day trial

 SmartWorks IMAGING link

• Control SmartWorks IMAGING right on the scanner
• Increased productivity
• Brings the power of the software running on the PC straight to the fingertips of the tablet user

The new SmartWorks tablet app is a handy way to access SmartWorks IMAGING and portably control your scanner. It’s useful for increasing productivity and is accessible for users just getting started with scanning. The app brings the power of the IMAGING software straight to the fingertips of the tablet user. Users with a SmartWorks IMAGING license can take advantage of the app which is a “light” version of the Imaging software – emphasising the most commonly used features to make it easy to operate the scanner… directly at the scanner.


If you are would like advice or have questions on the The New Colortrac Series, give the A0 Print Solutions Sales Team a call on 0800 865 4009.