Canon RU-22 Dual Roll Unit - for Canon TX-2000 Printer

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The Canon TX-2000 comes as a single roll printer as standard but also has the option of adding a second roll unit (RU-22) to give dual-roll capability.

This is an optional feature meaning that you can take advantage of auto-switch between two different media types or sizes. For instance, a satin photo roll and a plain paper roll can both be loaded and different print types can automatically print on the correct roll with no need to physically swap rolls. It may be that you require two sizes of the same paper grade - for instance, a 420mm roll for A3 a 594mm roll for A1 and A2 - again switching is automatic.

The RU-22 dual roll unit can also be used to take up long print runs at the flick of a switch. The prints will not be individually cut by the printer, but will instead be conveniently rolled on to the take-up reel and stored on the roll for trimming and finishing later.

The RU-22 dual roll makes the Canon TX-2000 the ultimate mid-volume device for busy print environments.


  • Canon RU-22
  • Roll Unit - to create a dual-roll printer
  • Fits Canon TX-2000 Printer
  • 2455C001AA