Contex IQ Quattro X 4490 47" Colour Scanner

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The all-new and perfected IQ Quattro X is a must-have for the very high-production environment.

Faster: IQ Quattro X is the 5th generation of Contex CIS scanners, with enhanced speed and 3 times faster data transfer, the scanner is the essence of productivity.

Smarter: The Nextimage Remote app offers you a completely new way of working. The new app saves valuable operator time by bringing all main functions essential for basic scanning and copying in front of the operator directly on the scanner.

Better: Contex Live Alignment is a new IQ Quattro X technology designed to improve image alignment across sensors ensuring precise and sharp alignment all the time, no matter the speed.

Improved technology: Contex USB 3.0 implementation with xDTR3 is blisteringly fast and you won’t have to worry about shoe shining or rescanning to get the width right.

The models are also as MFP Repro variants available!

Image quality
The 48-bit CIS technology captures every detail from your document, then passes the best 24-bits through to the file at up to 1200 dpi optical resolution.

Fastest CIS scanner
The IQ Quattro X scanners produce a scan speed of up to 17.8 inches per second in RGB colour and 200 dpi.

3-position speed control
Great for use with delicate originals. Temporarily shift down to slower scan speeds without using presets or altering software.

Green technology
Energy Star® version 3.0 compliant using only 0.5 W in standby mode.

High productivity
Enhanced speed and data transfer rates make the IQ Quattro X the essence of productivity.

The models are also as MFP Repro variants available!

Product Advantages 
    • Fast, Smart, Improved technology
    • Speed up to 17,8 ips (200dpi)
    • Gigabit Ethernet connectivity
    • 3-position speed control, High Data Transfer
    • The IQ Quattro X series are network- and cloud-enabled and can be used even via smartphone.


Speed B&W 17,8 ips (200 dpi)
Speed Colour 8,9 ips (200 dpi) upgradable to 17,8 ips
Format 47" A0
Length max of the document/scanning no limit
Max document width 44" – 1118 mm
Thickness max of the document 2 mm
Optical resolution 1200 dpi
Scanning depth 48 bits
Mode(s) of exit N / A
Format(s) of exit N / A
Connection(s) USB 3.0 with xDTR3, Gigabit LAN with xDTR2.5
Interface Twain
Size (L x H x P mm) 1349 x 489 x 161 mm
Weight (Kg) 24,5
Electric characteristics (ready/sleep/scan) 18W max. / <1W / 37W (built-in power supply)
Included N / A


Contex 2-year warranty and fast, easy parts replacement

With Contex, vital scanner parts replacement is quick, easy and hassle-free. Your Contex system monitors vital parts such as lamp and dust filters and lets you know when it’s time to consider a replacement.


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