Epson SC-T3200 Printer - 24in (Without Stand)

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 The Epson SureColor SC-T3200 Series is a high speed five colours 24-inch/610mm A1 single-roll printer. This large format printer is ideal for the highly demanding Graphics, CAD and GIS production environments.

Available in three configurations and delivering unparalleled precision, speed and versatility.

The Epson SureColor SC-T3200 delivers maximum productivity and flexibility.  This is ideal for the design, commercial print, copy shop, architecture, building, engineering, retail and education environments.

The complete range includes the standard SC-T3200, SC-T3200 without stand (for desktop convenience) and the SC-T3200-PS (PostScript 3 compatible).

Epson SureColor SC-T3200: (Without Stand)

Ink set

Setup guide

User manual (CD)

12-month on-site warranty documents

Power cable

Software included:

Driver and Utility CD (LFP Remote Panel 2, EpsonNet Config, LFP Print Plug-In for Office, Remote Manager)

LFP Accounting Tool, HDD Utility Software (free download from Epson website)


Adobe PostScript 3 Expansion Unit: C12C891131

320GB HDD Unit: C12C848031

Roll Media Adapter: C12C811401

Warranty extensions:

3 years CoverPlus Onsite service including Print Heads for SureColor SC-T3200: CP03OSSECD66

4 years CoverPlus Onsite service including Print Heads for SureColor SC-T3200: CP04OSSECD66

5 years CoverPlus Onsite service including Print Heads for SureColor SC-T3200: CP05OSSECD66


UltraChrome XD Matte Black 700 ml: C13T694500

UltraChrome XD Matte Black 350 ml: C13T693500

UltraChrome XD Matte Black 110 ml: C13T692500

UltraChrome XD Photo Black 700 ml: C13T694100

UltraChrome XD Photo Black 350 ml: C13T693100

UltraChrome XD Photo Black 110 ml: C13T692100

UltraChrome XD Cyan 700 ml: C13T694200

UltraChrome XD Cyan 350 ml: C13T693200

UltraChrome XD Cyan 110 ml: C13T692200

UltaChrome XD Magenta 700 ml: C13T694300

UltaChrome XD Magenta 350 ml: C13T693300

UltaChrome XD Magenta 110 ml: C13T692300

UltaChrome XD Yellow 700 ml: C13T694400

UltaChrome XD Yellow 350 ml: C13T693400

UltaChrome XD Yellow 110 ml: C13T692400

Auto Cutter Spare Blade: C13S902007

Maintenance Box: C13T619300


Archival Matte Paper (sheet)

Bond Paper Bright (roll)

Bond Paper Satin (roll)

Bond Paper White (roll)

Coated Paper (roll)

Doubleweight Matte Paper (roll)

Enhanced Adhesive Synthetic Paper (roll)

Enhanced Matte Paper (roll, sheet)

Enhanced Matte Posterboard (sheets)

Enhanced Synthetic Paper (roll)

Matte Backlit Film (sheet)

Matte Paper Heavy Weight (sheet)

Photo Paper Gloss (roll)

Photo Quality Ink Jet Paper (sheet)

Premium Canvas Satin  (roll)

Premium Glossy Photo Paper (sheet, roll)

Premium Luster Photo Paper (sheet, roll)

Premium Semigloss Photo Paper (sheet, roll)

Premium Semimatte Photo Paper (roll)

Presentation Matte Paper (roll)

Presentation Paper HiRes (roll)

Production Canvas Matte (roll)

Single weight Matte Paper (roll)

WaterResistant Matte Canvas (roll)

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