Epson SureColor SC-T5200D MFP PS (36in/914mm) A0 Large Format Scan and Print

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 The Epson SureColor SC-T5200D MFP PS is a high speed, five-colour 36-inch/914mm/AO multifunction printer, scanner, and copier with double paper rolls, a 36-inch integrated colour scanner and PostScript 3 compatibility. The Epson SureColor SC-T5200D  MFP PS delivers maximum productivity and flexibility ideal for the design, commercial print, copy shop, architecture, building, engineering, retail and education environments. The integrated 36-inch scanner, large-capacity ink cartridges, double paper rolls, PostScript compatibility and fast prints speeds meet the market’s need for maximum productivity and flexibility.  Epson’s PrecisionCore TFP printheads do not need replacing and deliver the highest level of performance, value, and versatile media support.  The Epson SureColor SC-T5200D MFP PS is part of the MFP Series for multifunction printing, scanning and copying including SC-T5200 MFP HDD (single roll, with 320 GB hard disk) and SC-T5200 PS MFP (single roll, PostScript compatible).


What's In The Box 

Epson SureColor SC-T5200D MFP PS: C11CD403o1A1 (double roll, PostScript, multifunction printer and scanner)

Individual Ink Cartridges

Setup guide

User manual (CD)

Warranty documents

Power cable

Software included:

Driver and utilities CD (LFP Remote Panel 2, EpsonNet Config, LFP Print Plug-In for Office, Remote Manager)

LFP Accounting Tool, HDD Utility Software (free download from Epson website)


320GB HDD Unit: C12C848031

Roll Media Adapter: C12C811401

Warranty extensions:

3 years CoverPlus Onsite service including Print Heads for SureColor SC-T5200: CP03OSSECD67

4 years CoverPlus Onsite service including Print Heads for SureColor SC-T5200: CP04OSSECD67

5 years CoverPlus Onsite service including Print Heads for SureColor SC-T5200: CP05OSSECD67


UltraChrome XD Matte Black 700 ml: C13T694500

UltraChrome XD Matte Black 350 ml: C13T693500

UltraChrome XD Matte Black 110 ml: C13T692500

UltraChrome XD Photo Black 700 ml: C13T694100

UltraChrome XD Photo Black 350 ml: C13T693100

UltraChrome XD Photo Black 110 ml: C13T692100

UltraChrome XD Cyan 700 ml: C13T694200

UltraChrome XD Cyan 350 ml: C13T693200

UltraChrome XD Cyan 110 ml: C13T692200

UltaChrome XD Magenta 700 ml: C13T694300

UltaChrome XD Magenta 350 ml: C13T693300

UltaChrome XD Magenta 110 ml: C13T692300

UltaChrome XD Yellow 700 ml: C13T694400

UltaChrome XD Yellow 350 ml: C13T693400

UltaChrome XD Yellow 110 ml: C13T692400

Auto Cutter Spare Blade: C13S902007

Maintenance Box : C13T619300