Summa SummaCut R D60 Cutter - 600mm Speed-1130mm Accel-3g Press-400g

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The SummaCut R series is a new evolution on the SummaCut platform. The OPOS X technology of the high-end S-Class cutting plotter has been integrated making sure that the SummaCut R is capable of reading cross-marks for contour cutting not only on standard materials but also on reflective materials


What's in the box:SummaCut R D60 Cutter/Roll Feed/OPOS X/Drag Knife Head/Knife Holder/Knives/Serial Cable/USB Cable/Power Cable/Software

Width / Size / Capacity:24in/600mm

Drag Knife Cutting TechnologyMachine Compatibility:SummaCUT R

Packaging Dimensions:1130mm x 470mm x 460mm

Weight:21.97 kilosWarranty:3 Years ND OS Warranty